5 Flooring Ideas for Your Office

You might be surprised how much the flooring in your office impacts your day-to-day functions. While often overlooked (except when you’re tending to the occasional spill), your office flooring can be a statement piece as well as an investment for your business. 

Every space has a unique need, whether it’s the ability to handle heavy traffic, a heavy load, reduce noise or simply aesthetic choice, it’s important to recognize that not every type of flooring is created equal.

The T2B team understands those differences and is ready to help you find the flooring that’s a perfect fit for your office space based on your specific business needs

1. Flooring for Heavy Traffic

Your lobby is often the first impression your customers and stakeholders will have of your office space so you want to frame your business in a great light.

You will want to find flooring that can hold up as well as look presentable. Rubber flooring is durable but doesn’t look very nice in an entryway and can be a trip hazard-a liability you don’t need.

Consider using walk-off carpet in entryways that transition to luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Walk-off carpet is designed to clean shoes while being level with the rest of the flooring. LVT is a hard surface flooring with a protective wear layer that is 100% vinyl giving it superior strength and durability and is available in beautiful colors and designs. We recommend both of these flooring options that can hold up to heavy traffic and meet the aesthetic needs of your space as well.

2. Designs to Impress

Hardwood flooring may seem like a great option, but may not be the best option based on the unique needs of the specific space. Hardwood is a more expensive option and can be easily damaged. You can still design to impress with LVT which can provide the same look but is more durable, less expensive and easier to maintain.

Use LVT to visually separate spaces in your office using the lines created by different LVT flooring to make the space feel more open and less boxed off. You can use LVT on an angle to make a space feel more open. It’s easy for layouts with closed off cubicles to help a cramped space feel more open and welcoming to visitors.

Another stunning option you can use in a design to impress is ceramic tile which is also very durable and can offer countless possibilities for decorative freedom. While it doesn’t absorb noise it does provide another design opportunity to let your business personality show.

3. Floors that Can Handle Heavy Loads

Some spaces may be home to some pretty heavy equipment so a vinyl composite tile (VCT) may be the best option based on durability and ease in moving heavy equipment over. VCT is a mixture of filler material, 85% limestone, color pigments and a thermoplastic binder. The tile is made by fusing chips into solid sheets and then cutting them into smaller “tiles”. Although the best option for some spaces because of its durability, VCT does require multiple layers of polish to protect its porous surface so it’s not a low-maintenance flooring option

4. Reduce Noises

One of the best flooring options to handle the ambient noise in your office space is carpet. It will absorb background sounds and create more private meeting spaces. Carpet is also good in creating a warm atmosphere for clients and guests. Many carpet selections are easy to maintain but others such as broadloom carpet can be a challenge to keep clean. Commercial interiors have shifted to using carpet tiles; square or plank to allow for easy replacement of stained areas.

Vinyl tile is another option for noise reduction that can please aesthetically. The T2B team can direct you on the best option to reduce noises based on the layout and furniture in your space.

5. Floors that Make an Impression

Just as your lobby and entryway create a first impression, it is equally important for your conference rooms to create the desired atmosphere. Since flooring does not take much strain in these spaces, you can make choices more for aesthetics than practicality but still want your choice to hold up over time. In these spaces you may want to choose luxury carpets or beautiful wood finishes.

Change Up Your Flooring

At T2B, we manage every detail of your flooring project, from specification and material selection, to procurement, installation and maintenance. Our reputation and long term relationships with top manufacturers allows us to offer an endless selection of flooring to meet your needs and budget. Tarkett, Shaw Contract, Centiva and Crossville are among our preferred list of flooring manufacturers. Our team stays on top of the latest trends in flooring design, materials and installation to include eco-friendly flooring, material health and sustainability.

Business owners, architects, general contractors, facilities managers-Whether you need a refresh, remodel or are building new, we would love to help. Send us your info or give us a call.