AIS Commercial Furniture

AIS seating delivers value and performance with a strong factory warranty. They have become known for manufacturing high-end product designs utilizing award-winning processes affordably. AIS has also been a pioneer in the sustainability and recycle movement, partnering with a non-profit organization that assists companies in finding ways to re-purpose their old furniture, fixtures and architectural materials by donating instead of sending to landfill. We carry a variety of AIS office furniture including counter shields, mesh task chairs, guest and stacking chairs –  all well made and affordable.

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We offer the best quality AIS office systems at the lowest prices.  The three things that you will want to consider, when purchasing modular office systems, are; employee productivity, durability and aesthetics.

With top quality AIS office panel systems, you have all three! Now add in economy pricing and you have every reason to regard our top AIS Divi office modular selections as your next choice for modular office furniture!  The most popular sizes include 5×5, 5×6, 6×6, 6×8, 8×8 and 8×12.

It’s in Style?

It wasn’t too long ago that office cubicles and workspaces resembled the visitation windows at your local penitentiary. In other words, each one was the same and little thought was given to aesthetics.

In AIS business office panel systems you’ll find the sleek, modern lines that appeal to modern day aesthetics. In addition, AIS furniture offer a modern, chromatic color selection that will lend a distinctive, unique image to your office which will project its personality.

The AIS Advantage

There are three things to focus on when designing your office cubicles; usability, quality construction, and presentation. AIS Divi can create your vision with style and quality. You’ll have your choice of 60/120 or 45/135 degree environment construction that fit together with a universal hinge connection system that allows quick and simple installation.

Please review our available AIS Divi modular furniture design that features:

  • 6″ base raceway for various electrical and data needs
  • Less installation costs and ease of installation
  • Panel insert with pre-configured options
  • Customization with segmented insert panels
  • Panels in permanent monolithic, segmented, glass, and stack
  • Construct 60/120 or 45/135 degree environments with ease

About AIS

AIS is a Hudson, Massachusetts-based company, one of the leading manufacturers of commercial office systems furniture with feature-rich product lines appealing to office designers and cater to the needs of office end-users. AIS is known for its sustainable, lean manufacturing, lead-time and manufacturing flexibility.

In 2012, Haworth Inc., a Holland-based office furniture manufacturer, acquired a strategic interest in AIS. This acquisition has served to assist dealers in broadening their product portfolios and present a wider selection of high quality office furniture products.

AIS headquartered in Leominster, Massachusetts, is a leading manufacturer of commercial office furniture and boasts one of the most impressive stories of growth and success in the furniture industry. Founded in 1989, the company is known for offering market-relevant, feature-rich product lines that entice designers and support the diverse needs of end-users while offering exceptional value. AIS is an innovator that leads the industry in sustainable, lean manufacturing, lead-time performance and manufacturing flexibility. AIS has permanent showrooms at its Leominster headquarters and also in Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C. With locations across the U.S., AIS has more than 800 employees and over 1 million square feet of office, showroom and factory space. For more information, visit


Environmental Sustainability

AIS works to eliminate waste from their manufacturing processes – the way Mother Nature intended. By manufacturing products with a high recycled content, that are SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified, and designed for future re-use, their goal is to support a healthy, sustainable natural environment, for present and future generations.

And it doesn’t end there – they have a partnership with ANEW; offering their clients a way to repurpose unwanted office furniture. Many of their products have been level® certified, as they maintain the ANSI/BIFMA e3 2011 Furniture Sustainability Standard through their company’s culture and processes.

There is a difference!

In June 2014, Business News Daily quoted Mitchell Kirsch, founding principal of, “The monolithic is usually just a fabric wall that could have a glass topper on it,” said Mitchell. “With the tile frame system you can mix tiles, fabric and glass.” This is valuable input, when initially designing your office workspaces for modern presentation.

You can mix AIS furniture with desk furniture and office furniture chairs that you choose to make a critical difference. AIS Divi office furniture has flexibility allowing the creation of sophisticated professional environments through the use of segmented insert panels. There is freedom to create their own unique environment by having the ability to customize individual panels. Both the front and the back of each AIS Divi insert panel can be designed separately.

With AIS Divi modular furniture design, you can unleash your creativity with changeable fabric insert colors or integrate glass. Each panel is a canvas for your own vision of your office’s personality. For customers on a very tight budget, please try our modular furniture leasing calculator.