Custom Window Treatments


Window treatments are more than just curtains and shades. There are a variety of design options to enhance the feel and look of your workspace. But great design doesn’t just stop at window coverings. There are valances, cornices, drapes, swags, and curtains to consider. These added features provide an extra level of sophistication and aesthetic to any workspace.  

Our goal is to create inviting and comfortable spaces for anyone who needs curtains, shades, and custom window treatments.


There is no cookie-cutter design for every space. T2B Commercial Interiors creates a unique design for every space we design. We work with the best vendors to provide you excellent products that meet any budget. At T2B, we have our own tailors who create a custom look all-your-own, with soft window treatments like valances, cornices, drapes, and more.

No matter what type of area you need window treatments for, we have custom options for you. You can amp up your design by adding valances and cornices, swags, and drapes. In addition to treating your windows to special treatment, we also offer shower curtains and cubicle curtains to provide privacy and security to workspaces or restrooms.

“Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”
— Frank Lloyd Wright


Contemporary Designs

T2B’s designers research and stay updated on current and future trends in window treatments, curtains, and draperies. Our expertise creates a visually pleasing design while maintaining your aesthetic.

Focusing On The Details

Window treatments themselves work to soften harsh fluorescent light and save on energy costs, but we don’t stop there. Our vendors provide valances, cornices, drapes, swags, and curtains. Everything we design has a purpose to create an inviting, warm space that anyone can enjoy.

Any Space, Any Design

No matter what your industry, where your space is located, or how you want your space to perform, T2B has the right solution for you. We have years of experience designing for:

  • Offices
  • Retail/Restaurants
  • Hospital and Medical Offices
  • Educational Facilities
  • Government Buildings and Offices
  • Senior Living 
  • Houses of Faith/Worship

T2B has the experience and expertise to provide exceptional design, service, and maintenance.

Our Values Drive Our Designs

Our values are what drive us, and in return, help drive your success. At T2B, we promise to:

  1. Find the best solutions for your needs
  2. Respect your budget
  3. Respect your time
  4. Deliver the “Wow” factor
  5. Provide committed service after the sale
  6. Respect the environment by focusing on eco-friendly processes and sustainable materials
  7. Build long-term partnerships with clients and vendors alike

T2B makes designing and remodeling commercial space easy by handling the entire project from conception to completion. Our in-house designers cover the latest industry trends, balancing aesthetics, function, and budget to meet individual client needs. 

Our project manager oversees every detail of the design execution, and our installation team is widely respected for the quality of their work. Add our commitment to service after the sale, and you’ll see why T2B is Central PA’s #1 choice.