Commercial Furniture

We know the ins and outs of the industry and have the widest selection of vendors to choose from. This ensures that you are receiving the best product for each element of the room. Additionally, they have the knowledge and design experience to not only explain how the room should function, but how to inspire a successful meeting.

The Importance of a Conference Room Table

When it comes to accomplishing a successful meeting there are items that are simply essential to the conference room. The most noticeable piece of furniture is going to be your conference room table. These tables come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Depending on how you plan on using your space then the table you choose may differ. If your space is going to be used for training or aligning your team then you may want a U-Shaped table. This allows the speaker to be surrounded by their audience and easy to engage. If you’re meeting room is client-focused then perhaps a large traditional is best.

Conference Room Table Types, What Works Best

Make sure to invest in conference room, training room, or lecture hall setups and tables that meets your most essential needs. Having the right type of layout can be the difference between holding effective, purposeful meetings or having a distracted group of employees fumbling through their meeting. Decide where the focus should be placed, at the front of the room for a presenter or AV presentation, or where presenters move freely about the space with more interaction between participants. Indoff can supply you with Boardroom, U or V-shaped , Classroom, or even Theater style conference room equipment.

Seating Makes the Meeting

Your chair selection may not be noticed at first, but it may be the most important piece of furniture in your conference room. A great chair is comfortable, adjustable, and ergonomically sound. Your clients should be focused on the material at hand and not how uncomfortable they are. On the flip side, You also don’t want your clients falling asleep in comfort. There is a middle ground that exists that creates alertness without causing pain and discomfort. It’s also important to make sure the color of your furniture isn’t distracting while also driving the image of the brand.

Whether you’re looking for executive, trendy, or ergonomic seating our Partners have access to the right products for you.

Don’t Ignore Your Decor

The last thing to think about is the overall image of your room. Your room should be inviting and inspirational. One way of doing this is by adding decor such as a work of art that can help build out your space. Nowadays you can even find sound-dampening office decor that disguise as art. This can help keep possible confidential information from leaking through the walls or from distracting others in the office. If space is tight then perhaps you’re looking for a divider that can double your conference rooms as needed. There are plenty of options available for whichever situation you may find yourself in.

When you’re ready to build a new workspace or update an existing one, T2B Commercial Interiors is an excellent source for commercial-grade furniture. It’s vital to get the right furniture, whether your workplace is a corporate office, an educational facility, a hospital or clinic, senior living facility, or retail space.

Commercial furniture is built to be easy to clean and maintain, then tested to withstand heavy day-to-day use. It’s designed to keep your employees, clients, and customers comfortable, safe, and happy.


The T2B design team works with more than 70 manufacturers, so we can be sure your office furniture fits your specific needs, your brand, and your budget. Whether you work in your home office, a mom-and-pop shop, or a big building on multiple levels, we use sophisticated software to show you how your workplace will look, feel, and stand out from the crowd before you make your furniture purchase.

We’re an Altoona, State College, and central Pennsylvania, family-owned company, so we’re incredibly proud to be the area’s exclusive Haworth dealer. Haworth is one of the world’s largest office furniture designers and manufacturers, and they also happen to be family owned and operated. Their philosophy of building furniture that will evolve as companies grow is one we wholeheartedly embrace.

The T2B approach to design involves plenty of research. We use our know-how and creativity to make your workplace a comprehensive whole that will improve employee engagement, productivity, and retention. It will boost the unique impression you give visitors and how technology is integrated now and into the future.

“Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room.”
— Mark Hampton, American designer



Helping you fulfill your business objectives is part of our mission, which is why we stress that a workplace that functions smoothly and is warm and welcoming can have a profound effect on your bottom line.

Good furniture choices, like ergonomic chairs or office desks and layouts that encourage physical movement will keep your employees energized, healthy, and productive.

Including a blend of furniture geared to both individual focus and collaborative work styles impacts your ability to attract and retain people and encourage creativity.

The T2B design team is ready to help you find great solutions, now and into the future.


The T2B team can help you add features that will enhance your workplace design.

We might suggest demountable walls to help you create private spaces within more open areas, allowing for collaborative meetings without disturbing others. The walls are easy to reconfigure if you need to add more quiet zones or optimize open spaces in the future.

We carry glass boards in multiple sizes, with easy-to-clean surfaces and aesthetic appeal, great for individual to-do lists or writing during group brainstorming sessions.

T2B can advise you on ergonomic accessories that help maintain good posture, minimize repetitive muscle and joint injuries, and acoustic solutions that reduce noise pollution.

T2B is responsive to all of your needs and your budget.


Besides creating exceptional workspace designs and recommending commercial interior furniture, T2B has built long-term relationships with top manufacturers in flooring, window treatments, and specialty accessories.

T2B provides the latest in flooring and window designs, taking your space, your needs, and your budget into consideration. From introducing you to eco-friendly floor materials to energy-efficient window treatments, T2B has you covered.

T2B offers a wide variety of specialty items that can pull everything together in your workplace. Wireless technology for your meeting rooms, ergonomic accessories, wall coverings, upholstery, and more.