How To Tell If Your Office Needs a Redesign

The past few years navigating through a pandemic has changed the way we see and understand the world, especially the workforce. While a lot of companies are reducing the size and amount of spaces they have post-pandemic, the need for a redesign is high for those who still are working in a physical office. 

Remote work is here to stay, as well as adapting to new ways of working, so creating a new look for your office can be important for the future of how we think of our workspaces. Whether it is to ensure the health and safety of those employees still coming into the physical office — to utilizing new unused space — an office redesign can mean making the most of your office in terms of productivity and the message you convey to your clients.

Signs it’s Time to Do an Office Redesign

Starting anything new is refreshing, and redesigning an office can provide a new breath of life into your office workspace. Especially since most people have had to relearn how to work at home, giving your employees a functional, fresh environment can build productivity and efficiency, as well as retention of your staff. 

1. You Want to Improve Productivity

There’s a range of factors that significantly shape productivity in the workplace, but design is one of the most significant — not just location, but the layout of equipment, office furniture, employee spaces, and the overall flow. A workplace redesign shows that your business cares about the experience of its employees, so listening to the suggestions of your workers can be extremely helpful to what their needs are for a better work space. If your office layout doesn’t allow people to work efficiently, that collective time lost can add up quickly. 

2. Reflecting On Your Brand Image

Your office design is an often overlooked and important part of your branding. Think about the impression your workplace conveys upon entering it for the first time. Not only your employees see your office as a reflection of company culture, but visitors and clients will be able to recognize it as well. Redesigning your office offers the opportunity to reinforce your key values through visual themes and thoughtfully crafted spaces, and can go a long way in conveying what your company’s culture represents. You have the power to reflect your brand’s personality when it comes to design, layout, and furniture choices, and that can drastically improve perceptions of your business from clients and employees alike.

3. Updating to Attract and Retain Employees

Considering we all spend time away from home while at work, it’s worth investing in creating workplaces that are enjoyable places to be. When you strategically plan your office design and layout, you stand to attract potential employees who are looking for a place they can thrive. 

Community-inspired spaces and genuine concern for employee’s well-being guarantees real results for your business. By updating your space, you’ll keep your existing employees comfortable and functioning at their best, and be able to further cultivate a truer sense of community. With attention to details in design and how we view offices, we can move forward to create a workforce that helps people connect, and encourages collaboration. 

4. Evolving Needs As Your Business Grows

Adaptability is a defining characteristic in a successful business. As your business grows, what your business needs from your office space can change. Some offices post-pandemic will need to accommodate less people in the office, as well as the type of atmosphere and how people work after learning new ways to be creative and productive. Having underutilized workspace can actually cost your business in more ways than one, so planning efficiently can provide added operational flexibility, increase efficiency, and incur a higher return on your investments.

COVID Workplace Considerations

As time moves forward, more people become vaccinated, and government guidance continues to evolve, there’s still workplace space evaluations happening to keep employees safe when coming back into the office. You can reconfigure your space in a few different ways to make your office staff feel safer and to manage keeping people healthy and avoid missing work. 

    • Physical distancing: Maintain distance between people using desk booking systems, signage, and reducing max capacity in shared spaces
    • Flow management: Creating one-way traffic patterns can help reduce risk of contamination. Navigation lines can also help establish and manage movement before entering the space
    • Hygiene: Providing hand sanitizing stations can be a practical and temporary addition to help encourage better hygiene
    • Screens and barriers: Fixed dividers can protect everyone from airborne microbes
    • Furniture solutions: Agile collaboration spaces are still integral parts of the workplace. The layout of these can render them safe as well as functional by distance and navigation around them.
    • Meeting rooms: As more businesses rely on video calls, meeting rooms become more desirable
    • Wellness: Natural light, humidity and temperature control, and comfortable spaces to take breaks away from others 
    • Contactless solutions: Reduce touchable surfaces in high occupancy areas
    • Air filtration and sanitation: Air filtration machines can be added in individual or room sizes to filter viruses and other contaminants from the air.  Some machines emit a fine mist that can neutralize COVID while being safe for people.

Redesigning Your Office

T2B Commercial Interiors listens carefully to understand your organization’s future goals, brand personality and unique culture. Clients value our hands-on involvement and rapid responsiveness from start to finish. 

With a broad range of knowledge and experience, our designers can help maximize the efficiency of your space, boost employee engagement, inspire creativity, improve safety and more. 

Our designers work with state-of-the art software and provide you with CET design and renderings to help you understand the design vision and provide valuable input early in the process. Big budget or small; new space or renovated space; office, school, hospital or retail, we have designers with the right experience to meet your needs.

Whether you need new flooring, furniture or even just some new window treatments for your hard-working employees and valued clients, contact us today to learn how our designers can meet your needs.