Designing for a hospital is not the same as designing for a retail business. Every industry has its own objectives, best practices and nuances of design. T2B has design and product expertise across all of Central PA’s top industry segments, including business, healthcare, education, food & beverage, retail, worship, and senior living.

Government Contracts

As a leader in commercial interior design in Central PA, T2B Commercial Interiors frequently works with public schools, universities, hospitals, and other state and local-affiliated entities.


Research shows employee productivity and satisfaction increase in well-designed workspaces. T2B partners with businesses of all sizes to develop workplaces that help attract and retain the best employees.


Responsible design of medical spaces impacts every facet of healthcare operations. T2B has a proven track record of incorporating latest in healthcare products and practices to create safe and high functioning environments for patients, visitors and staff.


Whether K-12 or university, education interiors must foster different types of learning. T2B works closely with clients to create quiet spaces for focused work, integrated classrooms for collaboration, and specialty areas such as gymnasiums and auditoriums.


Restaurants and retail shops demand the best of both design and functionality. T2B is experienced in bringing brands to life through interior touchpoint design. Also, design provides the foundation for customer traffic flow, product placement, lighting and more.


One of the biggest design challenges churches and other houses of worship face is limited square footage and small budgets. T2B can help optimize your investment, by creating multi-purpose spaces that are both flexible and inspiring.

Senior Living

Senior and assisted living spaces require special attention to unique details. T2B relies on evidence-based design principles to create spaces for older adults that help them maintain their independence and make them feel at home.