Whether K-12 or university, education interiors must foster different types of learning. T2B works closely with clients to create quiet spaces for focused work, integrated classrooms for collaboration, and specialty areas such as gymnasiums and auditoriums.


Our design team has experience in classroom design, study lounges, cafeterias, libraries, labs, STEM rooms, music rooms, and offices. Our manufacturing relationships allow us to fulfill just about any need you have for furniture, fixtures, or equipment in your school. We are proud to have worked with many Central PA schools on their flooring, furniture and window treatment needs.




Schools all over the country are redesigning the learning space. Today’s schools need to address a growing number of student needs and offer exceptional learning opportunities. The existing interior design is often outdated and unable to support new teaching methods. Traditional classroom design is inefficient and discourages student engagement and collaboration.


T2B designers’ experience helps K-12 and university interiors set students up for greater success. We use furniture, lighting, and technology to improve the function of your classrooms and office spaces. When interior design is on target, you maximize your budget and create environments that students and teachers will love.

“Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright, Designer


Natural lighting increases productivity

Classroom design is more than walls and windows. It needs natural light and the feeling of incorporating nature. We understand that both office employees and children are more productive when natural light and a closeness to nature are incorporated into their space.

T2B offers a multitude of window coverings to allow natural light and decrease the use of harsh fluorescent bulbs. By allowing natural light into the classroom and education offices, students and teachers stay more alert, have fewer headaches, and improved productivity.

Flexible learning spaces

Today’s learning environment needs to encourage and enhance collaboration between students and teachers alike. Furniture, desks, tables, and zone creation create a flexible learning environment dedicated to enhancing student’s learning.

T2B offers flexible designs that incorporate static spaces and spaces that can be moved to allow for privacy or open spaces as needed. Learning is best achieved with comfort. Our ergonomic furniture options create a comfortable space for your students to learn.

Comfort for teachers and students

T2B stays on top of the latest flooring design trends, materials, and installation processes. We provide eco-friendly, sustainable flooring that dampens sounds and is durable enough to handle the traffic of the educational space.

Our technology includes safe design, such as power cords hidden under flooring, conveniently positioned wireless charging stations, and more. We understand that keeping students and staff safe, comfortable, and happy is at the forefront of your design needs.


T2B understands the need for design made for performance. We design and install the technology you need to keep students and staff comfortable and engaged. From design to installation, we have your educational space needs in mind. 

We offer customized solutions for K-12, universities, and administrator office spaces. Our dedication to you doesn’t end at installation. We offer aftercare for repairs and maintenance to ensure your workspaces are functioning at all times.

We have experience with OMNIA Partners, COSTARS, Sourcewell, TIPS, and other purchasing agreements that can save your institution money.