The Impact of Office Furniture on Employee Productivity

One of the silent contributors to the decline of office productivity comes in the form of the work environment itself. From uncomfortable desks and chairs to inadequate lighting and poorly designed office spaces, the way you outfit your office plays a major role in the overall productivity (or lack of it) and morale of your staff.

Understanding How Ergonomic Office Furniture Improves Employee Productivity

The best way to create a healthy, motivated, and productive workforce is to invest in ergonomic office furniture that supports them while they work. Doing so will provide you with several significant advantages, and give your team an edge above the competition.

Show Your Employees You Value Them

Your employees spend 40+ hours in your office every week. They must have a desk and chair that they’re comfortable with and can call their own. Providing them with high-quality furniture will make them feel valued and appreciated. Herein lies a key to boosting your employees’ morale and showing them that your workplace is aware of their needs and willing to accommodate them.

Give Your Employees Room to Declutter

Chairs and desks are more than utilitarian. Your employees don’t want to sort through a sea of clutter when trying to accomplish their work, however all-too-many employees deal with this frustration on a daily basis.

Disorganization not only makes your workplace look worse, it actively affects employee productivity by bottlenecking important processes, stressing out employees, and affecting their concentration. . By providing your employees with modern office furniture with options for storage and organization, you are offering your employees the tools they need to start organized and stay organized throughout the quarter. This leg-up gives your staff the options they need to stay on top of tasks, locate important documents, meet deadlines, prepare for meetings, and close deals.

Allow Your Employees to Feel Comfortable

One of the most common issues office workers face is lower back pain. Unfortunately, this pain is all-too-common due in part to sitting for extended periods and inadequate ergonomics of office furniture, such as desks and chairs. 

Providing your employees with ergonomically designed office furniture not only reduces the likelihood of persistent or chronic health problems limiting productivity, but also provides your employees with comfort and the clarity of mind that accompanies it.

Create an Environment for Employees to Work Together

Modern offices thrive on efficiency and communication. To that end, many Fortune 500 companies are opting for open-plan office spaces to encourage collaboration and growth. An open-plan desk system allows your employees to communicate with each other easily whether they’re having a team meeting or working on a collaborative project. 

During these times, you want everyone to feel like they’re part of the team and to have the opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other to create synergy on the floor as much as they do in the conference room. 

Open-office plans have health benefits as well. In a study performed in Occupational & Environmental Medicine, open bench seating and the removal of cubicles resulted in a productivity increase of 32% over those in a standard cubicle setting.

To create this atmosphere in your office, you’ll want to choose furniture that facilitates it. Consider flexible, adaptable desk and chair options that can be adjusted to fit any employee at a moment’s notice for maximum productivity potential.

Improve Employees’ Productivity by Setting The Ambiance

To increase your employees’ productivity, you’ll want to ensure that your chosen furniture looks professional and performs the same. Take your industry into consideration when choosing your furniture. You’ll find that there are options available for everyone, even if you want a neutral space.

While ergonomics are important, so is matching the ambiance and consistency of your brand as well. Here you’ll want to consider your company’s branding, color palettes, and the aesthetic your office should convey to your employees and guests. In doing so, you’ll be able to personalize your office theme so that it can help spark your employee’s creativity and inspire confidence in your current and potential clients.

Properly Segment Your Employees’ Workspace with the Right Furniture 

Establishing the intent and aesthetic of your office is an important step in determining the direction of the rest of your space. When it comes to furniture, you can use various styles of desks, cubicles, and dividers to designate spaces for each department that fit their needs and accommodate their unique workflow.

Another way in which you can use furniture is to designate professional and recreational spaces throughout your office. Creating a clean, open recreational space is something your employees will appreciate, and will allow them to fully disconnect from work when it’s time to take a break and recharge their batteries.

Allow Your Employees to Enjoy Activity-Based Working

Activity-based working allows your employees to choose an environment in your office that’s most conducive for their work. Creating spaces designed for a specific activity (e.g., collaboration) can help your employees be more efficient.

When creating this type of environment, it’s important to ensure that areas are available for all types of work. For this reason, your employees should also have an area where they can work in private without any distractions. 

Reaping the Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

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