Top Trends in Commercial Flooring


Creating an Exceptional Workspace With the Latest in Commercial Flooring

Creating a workspace that’s comfortable and optimal for your business can be overwhelming due to the myriad of design and material considerations. On top of that, if you have a limited budget, it’s tempting to focus on getting the biggest “wow” for the buck while overlooking durability and function.  One workspace feature that is often under-appreciated is flooring. Although it’s the thing you think about least, flooring is actually the part of your workspace that’s used and noticed more than any other.  Unlike residential alternatives, commercial flooring options are made to stand up to heavy wear and tear. Typically this includes features such as easy clean-up and low-impact, shock absorbent, solutions for people who are on their feet all day. In the past, these features would come at the cost of style, but today we can achieve some incredible workspace designs, including eco-friendly options, without compromising on quality. Our team at T2B takes pride in the whole process, from design and specification to installation and service after the sale. When creating workspaces that blend style and function, we want our clients to know their options. Below are some of the latest flooring trends, by industry, to consider if you’re thinking about building new or overhauling your existing space.


Senior Living at Its Finest
Trends: Serene colors, subtle patterns, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles and plank floors

Flooring for senior and assisted living facilities requires more thought than you might realize. Designers must create a safe, comfortable, and stylish space, while also improving the quality of life for residents. Like healthcare facilities, senior and assisted living centers need flooring that is durable, easy to clean, and allows for ease of movement for walker and wheelchair users.  Unlike healthcare facilities, flooring for senior and assisted living facilities requires more neutral aesthetics, as some patterns and colors can cause confusion or vertigo. The proper use of color and pattern can create a refreshing atmosphere, giving residents that home-sweet-home feeling. Carpet, luxury vinyl tiles, and plank floors are preferred flooring choices, with benefits such as extra padding to avoid injuries and minimize noise, as well as ease of cleaning, maintenance, and mobility. Hues of blue and green flooring with subtle patterns are good choices because of their resemblance to nature, positively impacting a senior’s mood, memory, and healing process.

Putting the “Care” in Healthcare

Trends: Durable, slip-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, reduced impact sound

As you’d expect, healthcare flooring needs to be durable above all else. Many healthcare facilities are in use 24/7, so ripping out the old floor and installing a new one is more challenging than it is in other spaces. Infection control and patient safety are crucial considerations, so floors must be easy to clean and maintain while also allowing for the ease of movement of healthcare equipment and patients in wheelchairs. To meet growing demands from healthcare facilities, flooring has to be low maintenance, high performance and slip resistant while offering acoustical qualities that reduce noise. Installation using eco-friendly and antimicrobial adhesives is also a must.

Business Not As Usual
Trends: Vibrant colors, wood textures and patterns, porcelain print tiles

As recruiting and maintaining a top quality team becomes more competitive, dreary offices with bleak colors are a liability. Color is a big trend in corporate and business flooring, along with the move to more informal styling that creates an aesthetically pleasing work environment. To incorporate textures and patterns, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and carpet tiles are on the rise, offering improved wear while making spaces feel more cohesive. Overall, business workspaces are becoming softer, more enjoyable places to spend time, and that starts with a welcoming flooring option as the foundation.



For Education, Coloring Outside the Box Gets an A+
Trends: Vibrant colors, textures and patterns; print tiles

Learning is fun and so are our classrooms. To create friendly and stimulating environments in which to learn, education facilities from K-12 to higher education are opting for textures and patterns in their flooring. By incorporating carpet tiles and LVT, and the still popular vinyl composition tile (VCT), workspaces can distinguish themselves from the schooling facilities of even a few years ago. For a more premium option, today’s technology can recreate the styling of a custom wood on carpet and LVT at a lower cost and with greater durability.


Retail and Restaurant: Clean Up On Aisle Sturdy and Stylish
Trends: Luxury vinyl tiles, concrete and printed tiles, slip resistance, sound dampening, vibrant colors

Restaurants and retail stores have many different moving parts at work in one limited space. One of the biggest developments in flooring for these types of businesses is the move to LVT. It’s aesthetically pleasing and highly durable, with the added benefit of reducing impact sound. It’s also one of the best ways to incorporate bright colors. LVT and carpet tiles are new favorites thanks to their durability and styling. Spills happen, so slip resistance is essential for staff and customer safety, and easy replacement is a consideration for all hospitality flooring.

Going Green
Trends: Sustainable materials, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and chemical-free adhesives

In 2019, incorporating a green lifestyle into your day-to-day work life is pretty standard. Sorting through what is good for the needs of your business and the environment is the tough part. One of the biggest trends across the entire commercial flooring industry is the demand for eco-friendly, non-toxic flooring solutions. More of our customers are becoming concerned with the aftereffects of chemicals on their health and their impact on the environment. Our vendors offer a variety of eco-friendly options that reflect the commercial flooring industry’s commitment to safe and healthy materials, renewable energy and material reutilization.

Let Us Floor You

Already imagining a new look for your current workspace? Great! Having a vision is where space re-invention begins. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a commercial flooring expert to advise you on the best flooring for your needs. Likewise, an expert installation team with a proven track record will save you time and money. At T2B, we keep on top of emerging trends in styling and design, as well as new materials, installation methods, and maintenance. Our strong relationships with top-quality manufacturers and vendors such as Tarkett, Shaw, Interface, Centiva, and Crossville ensure that you will get the best possible product.

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