What Should You Look for in Your Office Furniture Dealer?

Ready to furnish your office? Your office furniture reflects the kind of business you run and the image you want your company to convey to your clients and customers. The right furniture creates an inviting space, fosters productivity, promotes collaboration, and ensures your employees’ comfort and wellness.  However, finding the right furniture is easier said than done. The options are endless. You’ll have to take into account factors such as cost, quality, the quantity of items available, as well as brand and — most importantly — design.  Sometimes, it just makes more sense to work with an expert who can help you get the most out of your investment. A furniture dealer can help you create an office space that reflects your company culture and offers an exceptional working environment for your employees. But how do you choose the right office furniture dealer? Here are five qualities to look for before you take the leap:

#1. They Are Open and Responsive

Your office furniture dealer should be open to your needs. They should work within your vision and take into account your company’s goals and requirements. After careful consultation, they should be able to put together a clear and comprehensive proposal and estimate that’s aligned with your instructions and specifications.  Your furniture dealer should also be responsive. As much as possible, make sure that they’ll be acting as your company’s single point-of-contact from start to end. After all, you may be getting pieces from multiple manufacturers and suppliers. If you have to contact different people every time you have a question or concern, communication channels are likely to get too complicated and errors are more likely to happen.

#2. They Offer a Full Range of Services

A full-service dealer can manage the entire process in-house — from design and planning to procurement and installation. Take the time to ask whether they contract any aspect of their services to third-party providers. If they do, ask them how they’ll manage issues that may crop up post-installation. Remember, you want to work with a long-term partner, so it’s best to choose a dealer who keeps most of their services in-house to ensure quality control. Here are some of the services that your office furniture dealer should offer:

  • Layout and design insight
  • Planning and advice
  • Project management
  • Procurement and delivery
  • Installation and quality control
  • Storage and warehousing
  • After-sale warranty work, repair and reconfigurations

#3. They Are Qualified and Experienced

Always choose a dealer with years of experience under their belt. An experienced dealer can easily handle any kind of scenario.  Another crucial point to keep in mind is that an office furniture dealer does not sell furniture. They provide solutions. Anyone can sell you an ergonomic chair, for example, but not everyone can guide you through the process from start to finish, help identify your needs, offer a suite of options, and recommend specific pieces that address your distinct needs and requirements. So, choose a dealer who is dedicated, highly qualified, and adds value to the design strategy of your office space.

#4. They Are Flexible

If you have a tight budget, you may need to mix different furniture quality levels so you can save money in some areas. For instance, you may want to invest in new, high-quality pieces for your reception area since that’s the first place that your clients and customers see. However, you may also want to opt for used filing cabinets since fewer people visit your file storage room. Your dealer should be able to present these options to you and leave that choice up to you.

#5. They Are Reliable

Work with a dealer that has a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable. Again, you want to make a long-term relationship and not one that’ll end once they’ve installed that last bookcase. You want someone who can guarantee that they’ll follow through with the agreed-upon schedule. They should also have the foresight to avoid preventable risks and have measures in place to prevent delays in case an unfortunate incident takes place.

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