What to Consider When Choosing Window Treatments for Your Office

Window Treatments hold a preeminent spot when it comes to the design and decor of your office space. Having the wrong fit or damaged window coverings can make your space look dreary, unkempt and give the impression that you don’t take pride in the overall look of your business. 

Modern, well cared-for windows show that you are thriving and you care to provide a comfortable and bright environment for your employees and clients. There is so much we determine through first impressions and much of that sticks with us for long after and discerning professionalism through design is something we all do without even knowing it.

Creating the best possible atmosphere — one that enhances your brand image — is one of the main goals of designing your office, but there are many other factors to consider as well. Let’s take a closer look at some simple but effective design tips and what you can do to properly outfit your office with quality window treatments.


The basic and most primary function of window treatments are to offer protection from the sun and also be able to diffuse and use that same light.

When choosing the right window treatments for your office, light control is one of the chief requirements. The ability to set the proper lighting in your office space can create the right mood in any work setting, and enhance overall productivity.

While letting in natural light and taking advantage of it during the day is important, you also must be able to avoid excess sunlight or glare which can make it uncomfortable for your staff to work and comfortably view their computer screens, leading to a lag in work progress and even causing headaches. Window treatments should reduce glare and create optimal lighting conditions, making for a comfortable and lively work environment that lifts employee morale and enhances productivity.

Privacy and Focus

Another important function of proper window treatments is to provide privacy and view control. In any commercial space, while it’s great to have fantastic views, there will also be times when you will need to block views, either partially or wholly, if you need the full attention of your employees, visiting clients, or stakeholders. The right window treatments will give you the option to change settings as needed and give you the privacy and view control your company demands.


Money, of course, is always a factor when choosing any new design element for the office. Have your interior designer or the ones at T2B help you set the proper budget and help you learn about the various window treatment options. While you want to stay on budget, it should be noted that buying subpar treatments just to cut costs up front is a potentially more costly mistake than it seems, as these choices usually lead to spending even more in the future when the lower quality materials start to fade, degrade, and fall apart long before their higher priced, higher quality counterparts. 

Sustainability and Durability

Sustainability and durability are each two major factors when considering commercial window treatments. It’s always best to see projects like these as investments in your future. In the long run, you will see a good return on investment if you choose wisely and reap the benefits of great lighting, environment, and perceived professionalism via quality office design.

Low quality window treatments lack durability and fail the sustainability test, as they will require replacement long before their sturdier counterparts. Buy products built to withstand normal wear and tear and that can handle high sun exposure and regular use. Always look for a design firm that offers quality treatments from the bottom up and places quality and sustainability at the forefront of their mission.


Workplaces must keep the safety of their employees and staff at the top of their priorities at all times. When designing any part of your office, always check your state’s building codes and regulations of the area you are in. Some safety factors of note include cordless operation, flame resistant materials and green-certified materials. 

Types of Window Treatments

There are different types of window coverings available on the market today for any type of design need you may have. Here are some of the most popular styles chosen for commercial use:

  • Roller Shades
  • Motorized Window Treatments
  • Roman or pleated shades
  • Functional Draperies
  • Window Film
  • Horizontal or vertical blinds

Each type of window treatment is unique in terms of its own features, looks, composition, cost, and functionality. Figure out which features and functions you require in your window treatments and enjoy upgrading your office to better suit the look and drive of your business.

Unique and Creative Window Treatment to Fit Your Brand

At T2B Commercial Interiors, our designers listen carefully to your design needs and workplace objectives to help get to know your brand’s personality and learn about the unique work culture you have cultivated.

Our designers work with state-of-the art software and will provide you with CET design and renderings to help you understand the design vision and provide valuable input early in the process. Budgets big or small; new space or renovated space; office, healthcare or educational, our designers have the experience to meet all of your needs.

Whether you need new window treatments, flooring, or furniture for your hard-working employees and guests, contact us today to learn how our designers can meet your needs.