Why Should You Hire a Commercial Interior Designer?

Hiring a commercial interior design professional allows you to create the exact environment that includes both your wants and needs. While it may not be out rightly obvious, commercial interior design can play a role in your overall success. 

The motif and aesthetic of your office space is the first thing clients and customers see when they visit, and their overall impression can make a huge impact on how they view you as a company. Starting off on the right foot can make or break a business relationship. 

As a business owner, renovating or fixing up the office may not be on your short list of things you have time for. Luckily, there are skilled designers ready to take the helm and give your business a much needed stylistic facelift.

As we spend more and more time at the office, we want an environment that makes us proud and productive. When you find a skilled commercial interior designer, they will be able to help you create a space that will amplify your brand, attract and retain productive staff, and promote creativity. 


What Does a Commercial Interior Designer Do?

Commercial interior designers focus on business spaces and can also work in retail spaces, hospitals and doctor’s offices, spas, lobbies, and more. Anything deemed a commercial space is within their area of expertise. 

Commercial interior design is about giving functionality and style to an area to help improve the success of the business. Commercial interior designers have to not only think about high profile clients and customers who will frequent the space, but they also need to incorporate design that is functional and innovative for the day to day workers as well. 

All of this, plus dealing with vendors, regulations, budgets, schematics, the needs of clients, managing contractor and manufacturer timelines as well as finishing the project in a timely manner all while keeping you happy with the design outcomes are within the purview of a commercial interior designer.

Important Reasons to Hire a Commercial Interior Designer

Extensive Design Experience 

Staying in touch with trends and design shifts is just one part of a commercial interior designer’s job. They must also be able to bring experience and expertise to the proverbial table. 

Knowledge of the business along with positive reviews in the community, the right qualifications for the job and an eye for exactly what you as a business are looking for. Professionalism and expertise are key must-haves in hiring a designer, so make sure you research them well. This, along with the appropriate qualifications, means they are the ones best equipped to translate your vision and combine it effectively with functionality and brand image.

An expert interior designer will have good insight into what does and doesn’t work in the workspace. If you choose a partner who specializes in a specific sector, they may even be able to offer some insight into what your competitors have done so your design can stay as competitive as your services.

First Impressions are Key to Maintaining Good Business Relations

The saying about first impressions is an evergreen one for a reason. A successful commercial interior designer will know how to maintain and hold focus when it comes to the first impression of your business. 

From lobbies to lounges, every space must say something about your brand. Enticing spaces intrigue and entice people to stay longer, complement and start conversations. If your business looks impressive, then what your business does must be even more impressive. Competent and innovative interior design will do just that, start you off on the right foot with client and customer alike. 


The price of hiring a commercial interior designer is worth every penny. To that end, budget is something commercial interior designers take very seriously. Because of all the planning involved in a commercial job, you will absolutely save money by going with a commercial designer who has connections on materials, can find great deals and use their wholesale knowledge to help you get the design you deserve with the budget you have. 

Growth Planning 

A good commercial interior designer will know how to plan and create a space that allows for future growth planning for your business. They will use their years of expertise to plan the bigger picture and allow for a versatile and adaptable space. Having a designer that believes in your growth as much as you is key to getting the design that can handle that future expansion when needed.  

Upgrade Your Space with Help from the Design Experts at T2B Interiors

At T2B Commercial Interiors, we make designing and remodeling your commercial space easy by handling the entire project from conception to completion. 

Our in-house designers cover the latest in industry trends, balancing aesthetics, function and budget to meet individual client needs. Our project manager oversees every detail of the design execution and our installation team is widely respected for the quality of their work. Add our commitment to service after the sale you’ll see why T2B is Central PA’s #1 choice.

Contact us today to learn how our designers can help meet all your design needs from start to finish.