Why You Should Install Carpeting in Your Office

Commercial interiors have unique needs that can only be met by careful attention to detail and properly accentuated by the right choice of flooring. These spaces must look professional, promote productivity, and be designed with health and safety in mind. Achieving all of this while also staying within budget can be tricky in today’s marketplace. 

Flooring is an important part of any design project, encompassing a massive percentage of any office space. The right carpeting can be a warm invitation to clients, employees collaborating in a shared space, and industry partners coming in for a consultation. Let’s delve into all of the benefits of your company choosing the right carpeting for your office decor. 

Advantages of Choosing Carpeting 


With the ability to be purchased in tiles and broadloom, carpeting offers a huge range of styles, colors, designs and textures. 

Carpeting’s design flexibility presents many options for your commercial space, and can accentuate the overall aesthetic of the environment in many ways. Commercial carpeting can open up a room and draw the eye, as well as offer distinctive patterns that are appealing and unique to the space. You can show off your company’s style or go more neutral for a comforting and zen-like office experience. The options are almost limitless as far as colors, patterns, textures and styles go. 

Commercial carpet has longevity to its credit as well – as it is far more durable than standard household carpeting. It won’t fade or succumb to high foot traffic, because commercially rated carpet is made to withstand high traffic in shared areas.

Comfort and Warmth

Carpet is an excellent source of insulation, helping keep the office cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and potentially saving you on your energy costs. Carpet provides higher R-value (the insulation rating of a material) than hardwood by up to 10x, depending on several factors. 

Cost Effective

Of all the advantages of commercial carpet, the most obvious one is its economical benefit. The material cost itself is much less than other alternatives, and installation is easier on your budget as well. Commercial carpeting holds up much longer than residential, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming a chore for your cleaning staff anytime soon. Good carpeting can keep up its appearance for years without incident. 

Quality commercial carpeting also comes stain and melt resistant as well so it can resist spills, warping, and abrasive wear better than many other types of flooring. You won’t need to replace it as often as you would certain other flooring options, saving time, hassle and money. Proper carpet care will extend the life of your carpeting even further, so make sure to take care of it as you would any investment.

When utilizing carpet tiles in the office, you will notice how easy they are to install and how quick you can replace any damaged or stained tiles that may occur. Being able to do a quick tile switch saves time and money without having to replace the entire area. 

Improves Air Quality

Carpet’s pile surface has the ability to trap airborne dust containing allergens and absorbs harmful contaminants from inside and outside the building, removing them from the air and improving the air quality of the space.

A major study by the German Allergy and Asthma Foundation (DAAB) found that wall to wall carpet reduces dust in the air up to 50% of that found above hard flooring surfaces. Pollutants and dust can easily be lifted out through regular cleaning. 

Cleaning carpets doesn’t require harmful chemicals that can disturb staff, clients, and customers with allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues. 

Noise Reduction

Carpets are a great sound absorber and can help with noise reduction in an open office setting. Those are major advantages when it comes to workers moving about the office throughout the workday. Carpets offer an excellent solution in quieting the sounds of the office and can potentially lead to increased through the reduction of ambient noise pollution. 

Carpet is one of the only floor covering options that can significantly reduce impact and reverberation of noise, creating a quieter office environment, more focused social interaction, and increased privacy.

Let T2B Interiors Perfect Your Commercial Space

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