Window Treatments for Schools and Universities

When you think carefully about the environment a child or teenager is growing up and learning in, it boggles the mind. Questions arise at the back of your mind. Are they safe? Are they learning enough? Are they not learning enough? Is the teaching method sufficient for the students? Most importantly, is the classroom environment ideal for the child? So, then the thought comes into play – what makes a good environment for learning? Other than the actual classroom and furniture and the faculty, an essential component is windows. They bring in natural light, create privacy and security for the students. If they are not properly covered, they can deviate the child’s attention from the lesson or lecture. It all boils down to the perfect window covering.

Your student’s success depends on it. When these windows are dressed right, the environment becomes well-lit for an energetic learning experience. The students automatically are in a positive frame of mind. Get the following window treatments installed in schools and universities – venetian blinds, black-out drapes, roller shades, solar shades, and even electric blinds. These kids will learn well and not feel tired or fatigued from a day’s worth of education. Moreover, they will go back home to their families happy and content.

Why go for Classroom Blinds & Window Treatments?

· Functional and cost-effective
· Cordless options safe for little children
· Light control facilities via tilt blinds
· Fewer distractions due to restricted view via roller shades
· Anti-glare features with usage of solar shades

Are Window Coverings in Schools and Universities Safe?

Style is the least important factor while purchasing this type of window dressings. When selecting top-notch classroom window dressings, one factor comes into play – durability. With durability, a significant factor comes into focus – safety. How safe are the windows in schools and universities? Do they abide by safety standards and regulations?

The Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) made an announcement regarding safety regulations for window treatment products. According to the safety standard as dictated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), window coverings distributed in Canada and the U.S. must be cordless. If not, at least the coverings should have short cords.

Additionally, there have been some guidelines enforced on the cables covering the windows. This regulation is being faced by customized offerings that include operational cord length to be about 40% of the height of the window blinds. In place of a tilt cord, a wand will be the default replacement. This is not the only change. Graphics which previously had a mild representation of the warning signs faced in the products will now be replaced with child strangulation images. This is to emphasize the hazards of corded window treatments. The official update will apply to every window dressing product that has been distributed or sold in the U.S. and Canada. And by anyone who is part and parcel of this industry.

It is advisable that while selecting the specific window dressings for the classroom, always pick cordless options to mitigate the risks of child strangulation, window-blind related injuries, and other risks of facing accidents.

Multiple Classroom Window Attachments. Multiple Benefits.

Below are the following window shadings used by most schools, universities and other educational centers. They are also available in cordless options as well. They are as follows:

Faux wood blinds: For the appearance of real wood, easy cleanup and the resistance to moisture, choose faux wood blinds. Children are curious by nature, so the window blinds have to withstand their constant usage. What is great is that you get the look of real wood without paying the price of the actual wooden window treatment.

Roller shades: For multimedia purposes and light filtering features, roller shades are the way to go. They help create the best ambiance for learning and knowledge sharing. When you use light filtering, you protect the students from the glare of the sun. When you use blackout window shades, the environment is perfect for viewing audio-visual learning materials.

Aluminum blinds: Easy to clean and available in variegated colors; these blinds are a popular choice in most schools and universities. These assorted blind colors will not fade because they are directly baked on to the aluminum. These blinds come at reasonable rates. If you are looking for quality window covers at low prices, opt for these window blinds.

Solar shades: Modern schools adopt solar shades for many reasons. They help reduce the schools’ energy costs. These shades block the severe temperatures making the learning environment comfortable for the students so that they can concentrate easily in the classroom. They can also enjoy the outside view. Moreover, solar shades aid in the reduction of unwanted glare from the sun. At the same time, they don’t darken the room.

Blackout shades for school classroom: Sometimes, classroom environments are not conducive for learning due to some factors, namely the orientation of the building itself and the use of large windows. The best way to tackle these issues is the utilization of blackout shades. These shades provide the best ambiance for media viewing and multipurpose activities due to complete light control.

Printed shades in a university cafeteria: Activity rooms, cafeterias and places where institute functions take place, functionality and durability of window attachments play a crucial role. Printed shades are those types of shades that enhance a space well and add vibrancy to the environment. There are many styles, logos, and customization you can choose to fit the bill. Based on the requirement, these shades can allow light to pass through or block it out completely.

Motorized Blinds/Electric Blinds: For comfort, sleek automation, energy efficiency, convenience, and safety in the classroom environment, motorized window blinds and shades can be adopted. This mechanism is favorable towards window treatments that include fabric blinds, shutters, awnings, vertical blinds, commercial venetian blinds, and customized motorized blinds.

Window Attachments that are a Class Apart

Remember the right blinds will let in the right measure of incoming natural light, no matter, the particular type of function, or specific style. It will also bring in an environment that is conducive for knowledge acceptance and sharing. When you install classroom window covers, you are ensuring low electric costs for your educational institute. Your students will get a benefit from this. The extra savings can be utilized for the betterment of their future. By building a fun, safe, and new indoor learning environment for your students, you are giving them the opportunities to become better versions of themselves.