Window Treatments / Shades for School & University

Classroom Window Treatments are Only the Beginning…
Educational environments need light management throughout their facilities. We’ve got solar screen shades, high performance solar screen shades, translucent shades, audio-visual blackout shades and dual shades that combine different light management fabrics in the same window treatment provide a myriad of school window shade solutions for:

  • Libraries
  • Gymnasiums
  • Cafeteria
  • Auditoriums
  • Administrative Offices
  • Science Labs
  • Music and Art Spaces
  • Aquatics areas

Solar screen window treatments cut glare for effective teaching

Solar Shades and Sun Shades block unwanted glare while maintaining a connection to the outside environment. Reducing the visible light transmitting into a room with a solar screen allows students to see electronic and blackboard presentation without glare and without darkening the room.  Teachers can see the students and make sure they are engaged in class.

Window treatment solutions for a wide variety of school activities

The broad range of activities and tasks happening in schools make durability and function in window treatments extremely important. Printed shades can further enhance spaces with special applications.

  • Classroom activities, including student reading and work, screen use, and audio-visual presentations
  • Office/Administrative tasks
  • Science lab tasks requiring special equipment use and note taking
  • Video and media presentations in Gymnasiums and Cafeterias
  • Room darkening when auditorium windows are present
  • Adjustable and comfortable reading light for libraries
  • Music and Art rooms, where valuable instruments and artwork can be damaged by UV rays

Audio-visual school window shades

Daylighting in architecture has intensified the need for blackout shades in today’s media-dependent world.

Large windows and building orientation can make media-viewing challenging in school settings. Even the extremely bright lamps in new technological devices used by teachers today are sometimes not enough to allow clear viewing by students.

Many rooms in schools have multiple purposes, for instance doing double duty as a cafeteria and an assembly/presentation room. A large gymnasium with small, high windows can be too bright for a crowd to see a video presentation clearly in the middle of the day.