Are Plants Good for the Workplace? The Benefits of Plants in Your Office

When a designer says they are going to “liven up a space,” nine times out of ten they are talking about adding plants or foliage. The affinity towards plant life indoors doesn’t stop at home, it extends outward into our workplaces as well. Not only do interior office plants offer a welcome design element, but they also can affect those who work in the office positively as well.

Thinking about adding some verdure to your office space? Let’s go over how adding plants to your workplace can be beneficial and how to get the most out of this natural design element.

Benefits of Adding Plants to Your Office

Helps Reduce Stress

Being out in nature is fantastic for our mental health, but when you have a full-time office job, it’s hard to get enough time outdoors. Incorporating elements from the outdoors inside your office is one way to help reconnect with nature and bring the outside in. 

One UTS study showed that having plants in the office and watering or tending to them in other ways helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and overall improve the wellbeing of those who engage with plants in their everyday work life. 

Absorbs Acoustics

Open floor plans often have sound being bounced around, distracting focus from the important work at hand or detracting from the atmosphere for visiting clients. When you add plants to the office, you can actually help to absorb excess noise. Leaves, branches, stems, and other elements of plants absorb sound. Thick, fleshy leaves are particularly effective at absorbing sound due to their dynamic surface area. You can also use plants as a buffer for areas where you would prefer employees to focus and work closely without distraction or noise interruptions.

Adds to The Aesthetics of The Office

Plants don’t just add deep and rich shades of color into the workplace — adding plants also can offer employees a visually stimulating space that can even enhance productivity (more on that later). Having an office accented with vibrant foliage conveys a positive and eco-friendly brand image to visitors as well. 

Being in a visually stimulating environment rich with foliage grounds those who work in the space and those who visit, allows them to enjoy the space rather than feeling cooped up in it, and conveys a positive image that benefits your brand and your employees alike.

Increases Productivity

Adding plants to “lean” office environments can transform them and actually increase the productivity of employees. One UK study showed that when they incorporated plants into the workplace design, productivity increased an incredible 15%. 

Another study, called the Human Spaces Report, looked at 7,600 office workers in 16 countries, and found that nearly 58% of workers had no live plants in their workspaces. Those whose environments had natural elements added reported a 15% higher well-being score and a 6% higher productivity score than employees whose offices didn’t include those elements. 

Improves Air Quality

Modern office spaces rely on recycled air and can contain up to ten times more pollutants than the air outside. Common culprits found in the air are mold, dust mites, carbon monoxide and the chemicals from cleaning agents. Office plants, especially flowering varieties such as chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies, can help remove pollutants from the air and provide cleaner, more oxygen-rich air back into the indoor environment. 

Indoor plants have also been shown to mitigate the environmental causes of “sick building syndrome” which is a condition primarily affecting office workers. SBS is typically marked by headaches and respiratory problems, which are attributed to unhealthy or stressful factors in the working environment such as poor ventilation, accumulation of moisture and buildup of mold and bacteria in indoor areas. 

Plant Incorporation Into Bustling Spaces

Plants can be incorporated into your office space in several ways:

  • Portable living green walls. These are immersive and very aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Try using the following Plants that are hearty and easy to maintain in the office, like cast-iron plants, fruit salad plants, the peace lily or the ZZ plant (Zanzibar gem.) 
  • Add plants to corners or bare spots in the office. 
  • Hanging plants look great in walkways or common areas where there may not be much table space. 
  • Put your plants in unique planters to add pops of color and really enhance the space.

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