Computer Desks, Tables & Workstations

Computer desks are designed to ensure the optimal amount of space for your workstation. Computer desks—or computer workstations—can be large or small and come with a variety of added features including hutches, keyboard trays, and corner computer desk designs. T2B stocks a wide array of computer desks to ensure you can find a computer workstation to meet your needs. All T2B furniture is high-quality and built to last.

What Styles Do Computer Desks Come In?

A computer desk is sure to be the center of your workspace. We carry a wide range of computer desk options that add a sense of design and elegance to an office in addition to the functionality that makes the computer desk such a popular choice for office workstations.

Some of the most popular desk styles include:

  • Double-pedestal computer desks

  • Computer desks with hutches

  • Small computer desks

  • Small corner desks (ideal where floor space is limited)

Computer Desk Features to Look For

  • Keyboard drawer: A keyboard drawer pulls out to allow you to use your keyboard at an ergonomic height and easily stow it away when it’s not in use. Keyboard drawers remain popular because they allow you to maximize the available work surface on your desk.

  • File cabinet: Many computer desks come with a built-in filing cabinet, so you can store important documents in an easy-to-reach location. If your favorite computer desk doesn’t come with file storage, you can also pair it with a rolling file cabinet, which can be stored under the desk surface and easily moved.

  • Credenza: Some desks come in sets with a matching credenza to allow for a cohesive look paired with premium storage space in your corporate or home office.

  • Hutch: A hutch allows you to store binders, bags, and miscellaneous items in close proximity and without having to bend to access your storage.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Computer Desk

  • Style

  • Desired desk height

  • Quality: Look for something that’s built to last

  • Desired work surface: How large a workspace do you need in addition to your computer size?

  • What kind of computer you have: A laptop requires minimal space, allowing you to shop for small computer desks and desks with flexible uses. For a tower computer, you might want a computer desk with more space, storage for the tower, or a keyboard drawer.

  • Intended use: How do you plan to use this computer desk? Will it be a gaming desk, used in a healthcare facility or classroom, or tucked in a corner of your home office? While we all want to find the “best” computer desk in the world, the truth is that answer will vary depending on what you need your desk for. The best corner desk for a small space would look wildly out of place in an executive boardroom, right? Determining your intended use is essential to finding the perfect desk.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Computer Desk

Office computer workstations can set the tone of your space, whether you’re looking for a distinctly modern black finish or a more traditional rich cherry veneer.

Dark furnishings can certainly help set your office apart. Take a look at our vast collection of black computer desks for a sleek, modern look. Searching for a professional and elegant style? Browse the wide array of executive desks and computer credenzas to find an impressive piece that is sure to leave a lasting impression on clients and visitors.

Brands to Know

Sauder, Bush, Martin, Hubbub, and the T2B Signature Series are some of the most popular brands in our computer desk range.

Common Computer Desk FAQs

Can You Use a Computer Desk as a Writing Desk?

Yes. Many larger computer desks provide additional workspace, allowing for plenty of room for you to store files, organize papers, or write. You can even find some L-shaped computer desks if you would rather have a separate writing desk and computer desk in the same workstation.

Can Computer Desks Be Shipped?

Yes, all desks from T2B can be shipped to your home or office.

What’s the Best Computer Desk Material?

For many home offices, wood tends to be a popular option. While solid wood options are available, many prefer a wood veneer with engineered wood because it gives you the look without the additional costs or maintenance concerns. Metal is ideal for industrial spaces. Laminate offers extended durability for corporate office spaces. A glass computer desk brings modern elegance to an executive office.