Things to Factor in When Choosing Your Office Flooring

Choosing flooring for your business needs careful consideration as every space demands different aspects from their flooring depending on the nature of the work done and what impressions you are trying to express as well. When customers and clients visit your workspace, you want flooring that represents your brand and says success, but not too loudly. First impressions last a lifetime, and when someone enters your office for the first time, the creative feel of the space should always welcome them in and pique their interest in your brand.

The interior of your office not only endears a client to your company’s aesthetic, but it can also inspire them to work with you in the future. Need help picking out flooring for your office? Choosing the right flooring depends on many factors and in this article we will highlight some of the most important ones so your office gets the impeccable design it deserves.


Always remember, compromising cost can lead to a loss in the long run. It is very important to take the durability and sustainability of the flooring into consideration before the price, but going in with a budget is necessary as well. Finding the line between durable and affordable will be your biggest challenge, but never compromise on the factors that could influence you needing to get the floors redone sooner than later. 


Comfortability mixed with design is a key element in creating a welcoming and modern office space.  Your employees will appreciate and thrive with flooring that isn’t too cold, hard or noisy. Attractive flooring that is inviting helps engage clients, empower employees and make everyone proud of their surroundings. Remember, you will be spending many hours a day in this office, so make sure you are getting the most comfortable flooring within your budget and design aesthetic. .

Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is another factor that is essential in the decision making process for flooring selection. Less sustainable flooring materials fade in high traffic areas, and cracks can appear in flooring within a few months due to high traffic if it is not made of a durable, commercial-grade material.

Avoid softwood floors because they tend to be less durable. Your office’s corridors and reception should be made of sturdy materials akin to luxury vinyl tiles or hardwood. Both luxury vinyl tiles and wood flooring are slip-resistant and abrasion-proof and come in a wide variety of patterns. Carpet tile is another option for high-traffic areas, bringing with it high strength, resistance to slip and comfort in walking. All 3 of these different types of flooring are also quite easy to clean. 


Commercial floors are prone to wear and tear due to the high traffic they receive, thus the need for maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis. Having a floor with huge stains or visible scratches lowers the first impression you give out when people enter your office. Be critical when choosing your flooring material and see maintenance guide for each type to make sure the flooring you choose isn’t too high maintenance or costly to clean. 


Safety is always at the top of the list when it comes to installing anything new in your office. It is your job to keep your employees and clients feeling safe and secure when they are on your premises. The way to provide the best safety with flooring is slip resistance along with a flooring free of toxic chemicals or materials. Slip resistance can save you thousands in workplace liability mishaps and it is imperative to look at any regulations or codes for flooring when you are installing as well. 

Matte-finishes and textured ceramic tiles are great options for non-slip surfaces. A material with good grip and durability is undeniably the best opinion, especially in the main doorways and break rooms. 


Noise may not be as urgent as the above factors, but it still plays a critical role in keeping function and productivity high. A loud surface is very distracting and can disturb and annoy even the most patient of workers. Hardwood flooring can create quite a bit of noise, so going with carpet tiles or high quality vinyl can help keep the commotion to a minimum. The bigger your office, the more sound can carry, so keep that in mind while you choose your flooring and other design elements. 

Design Elements That Impress and Inspire

At T2B Commercial Interiors, our designers listen carefully to your design needs and workplace objectives to help get to know your brand’s personality and learn about the unique work culture you have cultivated.

Our designers work with state-of-the art software and will provide you with CET design and renderings to help you understand the design vision and provide valuable input early in the process. Budgets big or small; new space or renovated space; office, healthcare or educational, our designers have the experience to meet all of your needs.

Whether you need new window treatments, flooring, or furniture for your hard-working employees and guests, contact us today to learn how our designers can meet your needs.