What is Contract Grade Furniture?

What Does Contract Grade Furniture Mean?

Contract grade furniture, also called commercial grade furniture, refers to furniture that is used for commercial purposes. Examples include restaurants, hotels, airports, and even hospitals, and the type of furniture can range from sofas and chairs to beds and bar stools. Contract grade furniture is designed and manufactured by companies that specialize in these types of products, and can’t just be picked up at standard local furniture stores.

Contract grade furniture is built to go the extra mile. It can hold up for everyday personal use or busy commercial usage for a crowd. The sturdy construction is designed to last for years ahead with strong performance. This furniture can roll with the punches and come out looking fabulous. Proof that strong is beautiful.

Commercial vs. Residential Furniture

Contract grade furniture often looks pretty similar to furniture that you buy for a home. It’s stylish, made with quality materials, and optimized for comfort and use. It does differ in a few key areas though.

The first difference between contract grade and residential furniture is in the compliance requirements that it must adhere to. All furniture suppliers must adhere to strict regulatory guidelines that ensure their products are safe for consumer use. However, these guidelines differ a bit for commercial grade furniture. For example, the Crib 5 regulation, which dictates that any piece of furniture used in a school, office, or restaurant must adhere to a certain range of fire safety regulations, including fire resistant upholstery.

Another major difference between commercial and restaurant furniture is that commercial furniture is designed with heavy use in mind. A chair that is going to be sat on once a day at the dinner table has different design qualifications than a chair that is going to be sat on dozens of times throughout the day by different patrons in a busy restaurant. To meet these demands, contract grade furniture is built with increased durability so it can withstand regular and frequent usage.

Why Restaurants Need Contract Grade Furniture

Looking at the differences between commercial and residential furniture makes it clear why restaurant grade furniture is so important for dining establishments. Restaurants are inherently traffic-heavy businesses, and the furniture within it must be able to hold up to the wide variety of patrons that will be using it. Equally important is that the regulatory guidelines around contract grade furniture apply directly to restaurants, and non-commercial furniture would not satisfy these requirements. With our restaurant furniture, we make sure that restaurants can find the right furniture for their needs, from table tops and bases to chairs and benches.

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